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Welcome to Shalom community services registration no; P2274/2020. It was founded by Pr Kiyimba JohnBosco Mikando through Shalom children's home plus a group of concerned residents of Byakabanda sub-county. kooki County , Rakai district who were affected by HIV/AIDs.

Rakai District was the EPI centre of HIV/Aids in Uganda and Shalom Community services' mission is thus to mitigate the suffering of women, orphaned children, People living with HIV/Aids and elderly

Shalom Community services thus works closely with the underprivileged and the socially disadvantaged families in rural communities to improve their social and economic status, through the implementation of the various programs.


Empowering the neediest by providing quality awareness that enable vulnerable people to passionately and creatively serve God and others with integrity, love, humility and care for the needy to live abundant life.


Transforming the vulnerable people into hopeful and responsible citizens and creating a community that is compassionate to one another through good deeds.


    1. Having a community that participates in Shalom programs and taking a lead role in various activities like farming which leads to self-sustainability.


    A lady was found very sick in her house and she was put on drip just in front of her house under the tree, Thanks to Shalom Community Health Volunteers

    2. To see all children in shalom community school appreciating God and showing positive response to spiritual activities like praying, bible reading and bible story telling.

    3. To promote a conducive environment which favors all people to live in harmony and be able to solve their own challenges,



    1. To restore hope among the hopeless youngsters by providing quality Christ-centered education to the school going age children with in shalom schools.

    2. To mobilize and encourage vulnerable people to come together to collectively and effectively participate in developmental activities like farming, piggery and taking vocational skills.

    3. To sensitize the community about the danger of child trafficking, child labor and early marriages.

    4.   To alert the up growing children into their youthful stage to guard against HIV/AID scourge.

    5. To provide possible medical help to the children and their care givers as a way of improving their health. 

SHALOM COMMUNITY SERVICES; Bumogolo Zone, Kamukalo Parish, Byakabanda Sub-County, Kooki County, Rakai District, Uganda, East Africa P.O.Box 278, Kyotera, Uganda.  
Tel; +256 785 833990(whatsapp) / Tel; +256 772 585730
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