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As a result of food security challenges, we have setup a demonstration farm and nursery seedlings garden on Shalom community Land where the above challenges will be regularly addressed in a continuous fashion.

We intend to use the farm and garden to demonstrate how a family or person can utilize small farming spaces, outsource and showcase weather resistant food and cash crops, provide modern farming techniques, and avail the community with improved seedlings.

Thus the objective is that the participating families apply the practices they learn, diversify their diets by adding vegetables to their main meals, and sell a portion of the crops at markets so the family can sustainably reinvest in agriculture next season.

Access to improved quality seeds, low cost rain harvesting interventions, knapsack sprayer / pumps for agriculture purposes will be a good development for families participating in the Shalom Community Farming project& Demonstration Farm.

The farming project therefore seeks to integrate low cost interventions for sustainable and improved household farming. Activities

It will also involve Hands-on training of farmers in animal and crop husbandry, crop and animal preservation and transformation, integration of crop-livestock techniques, market gardening, group development and management, resource mobilization and management and facilitate access to the same.


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