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Recently shalom community has taken another huge step forward with the addition of a mobile Shalom Community Health Centre Project which has been moving door to door through a community of volunteer health workers.

Through education and support programs we aim to focus on preventative measures, encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle. Areas including, sanitation, reproductive health, mother and childhood development, nutrition, family planning, malaria and HIV support will be addressed.

The availability of medical treatment and laboratory testing which will be available at the clinic will be greatly welcomed by the local community.

Our focus, however, will always be on helping to prevent illness rather than having to provide a cure.

Now a purpose built clinic needs to be constructed as soon as possible to sustainably address the health challenges within this community.

There is a great need for it because the place is inaccessible, roads are very rough and the only healthy center is far away and it gives elderly people hard time to receive medical services yet they need timely care, the children together with their caregivers need medical assistance too which has been very difficult for them to access due to remoteness of the place.

We feel very sure that once the clinic is in place, it will provide us with the perfect space to integrate community health related services into our existing programs.

So as you can see, Shalom is evolving. We feel very excited by this and we hope that by reading all about it you have been inspired to become involved. You may even like to spend time volunteering at Shalom, We would love to hear from you.

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