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This program started early 2014, after a long drought that struck the whole district and all crops dried up due to lack of rain, this happened due to deforestation which occurred and the misuse of wetlands by farmers and settlers,

We started with food fundraising in churches and community food mobilization to give to the orphaned children and elderly people.

Above; Food relief being received by children from Vulnerable families

However, the community food relief project is also facing its own challenges as presented below;

1. Limited space for farming by some elderly people coupled with lack of physical capacity by some elderly people to cultivate land.

2. Prolonged droughts , it has taken nearly six years when farming is not doing well here in our district due to unreliable rain fall and this has greatly affected the wellbeing of vulnerable people like orphans and elderly.

3. Insufficient funds, we find ourselves unable to reach out to everyone in need of food because the money we get from well-wishers is a bit limited.

4. Poor farming methods is another problem, it was discovered that most of the people in the community lack knowledge on modern farming methods, this has rendered their farming practices non productive. Additionally, some people do not know how to grow crops that stay for long they only resort to seasonal crops which can't help them during droughts.

5. The high cost for improved seedlings which can survive in hard conditions, people in the community were using local seedlings which cannot mature early.


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